We trust that you were blessed by the writings last month and will continue to help us spread the good news of Jesus Christ.  As we approach this Resurrection season many will remember Christ by having services such as the Last Seven Sayings of Christ.  Others will have Resurrection concerts and/or plays.  However you chose to celebrate this GREAT day I want you to know that because Jesus got up, whatever situation you are faced with, you, too, can get up!  Through the unfairness of the trial Jesus endured, through the torture and the beatings, Jesus knew He would arise on the third day.  As the women went to the grave to view the body they found that “He is not here: for he is risen, as he said.  Come, see the place where the Lord lay (Matt 28:6)”.  The grave couldn’t hold Him, the stone wasn’t strong enough to keep Him and I say to you, whatever is keeping you bound, whatever grave has your circumstances, ARISE!!.  Many of you have dreams and goals and it seems as if they’ve been wrapped in grave clothes.  Speak to that vision and know that on your “third day” you, too, can get up and be what God has called you to be!