Living Faith Church, Virginia Beach

We are so pleased to announce the launch of a new ministry in the city of Virginia Beach, VA, Living Faith Church.  Founded by Rev. B.R. Wiggins, M.Div. and Lady Michelle Wiggins, this progressive new ministry seeks to reach the unchurched and unsaved population of our community in addition to young adults who are disillusioned and have been let down by traditional religious institutions.  Even though this is a progressive ministry that utilizes 21st century methods of ministry and church planting, this is still a Bible-based church that stands on the unadulterated and uncompromised Word of God.  The official launch date of Living Faith Church is January 4, 2015. However, in order to prepare for the official launch in January, Living Faith Church is currently having monthly pre-launch services every second Sunday for the rest of this year.  So, on November 9th and December 14th, Living Faith will have worship services at the Crowne Plaza Hotel at 2:30 p.m. Living Faith is not seeking to be just another popular new church in Hampton Roads.  We’re seeking to be a healthy, mission focused church that is centered on Jesus Christ and sharing His Good News!