Greetings to all and MERRY CHRISTMAS.  It seems as if the year has swiftly passed and we’re preparing to enter into 2015.  I pray that the articles have been a blessing to you and that you will continue to work the word because the word works.  As we come to the end of 2014, I pray that you would grab hold to the promises of God and continue to move forward.  Many times people become discouraged and disoriented when they “hit a bump” in the road or face a trial.  I have learned that when these times come it is an opportunity to restart, refocus and get back in the race.  There are so many wonderful promises that God has for His children and He desires to bless us.  For many, including myself, 2014 was attached to some pain, disappointments and loss; however, God remained faithful.  So as we approach 2015, be encouraged and move forward.  G. L. Hines Ministries is on a sabbatical for the month of December and moving toward a new platform of ministry in 2015.  God has called me out of my comfort zone to reach those who will never attend church and/or have lost faith in God.  Please keep me in prayer as we embark on this exciting time for ministry. Saints of God, there is greatness within you, MOVE FORWARD!